Terms and Conditions


   General Terms and Conditions


The goods ordered are specially ordered for each customer and the quantity supplied and therefore can not be returned.

 The goods are delivered ex warehouse / purchasing channel.   The products are in original packaging for shipment delivered.  verantwoordelijk voor  We are not responsible for defects or missing on the path to the recipient may occur.  We therefore do not act as an intermediary in any loss.   If a client explicitly specifies the products to ensure the products will be shipped insured at an additional cost that is passed to the customer. daarvan  Deliveries will usely be made within 7 days if product becomes available. If a product or packaging is damaged then provided written notice thereof to be made directly to the courier.  If this is not reported can not be claimed retrospectively to replacement or insurance.
The delivery time stated by us is always "approximate". We are committed to the delivery as much as possible, but we are not responsible for the consequences of delay in delivery. Exceeding the delivery time by a period of less than one month we are not obliged to compensate the customer still has the right to cancel the agreement. If the delivery with a period of one month or longer to exceed the customer is entitled to terminate the agreement unilaterally.  A delivery is not, unless all the necessary completion or performance data held by us.  The delivery period starts when the order is received.
Buy and sell. Each purchase made in advance via paypal or on account. The payment on account shall be payable within 10 days after delivery of goods. Invoice sent after delivery.  It is possible that a first order an advance of 50% is required depending on the height of the amount. permanent   When not permanently accept or refuse a shipment, to read a cancellation fee in addition shipping charge once again. When, after the payment is, one order will be canceled, 15% of the total payment amount, with a minimum of 7.50 euro administration. Credits are collected, normally within 30 days and transferred to our costs and prices as low as possible.
1.   Complaints, namely because of all grievances as the delivered goods by the customer at our only be asserted by written notification within 14   days of receipt of the goods if the defect is visible and look for hidden defects within 14 days after the defect was discovered or could have been. The advertisement must include a description of complaints and deficiencies acts, together with a photograph.
2.     Improper treatment or inadequate care for advertising of any goods does.
3.      If the customer in accordance with the above has filed a complaint and the complaint has been, we only kept the goods to which the complaint relates, on behalf of us to replace.
4.     Complaints suspend the payment of the buyer only if the complaint is justified, provided that this suspension applies only:
a.     the amount, that customer for the goods to which the complaint relates, has been charged, and;
b.     during the period between the date on which the written reasoned advertising with us is filed and the date of replacement or repair of the goods, materials or work performed.
1.     As long as the buyer has not paid in respect of the contract e-coating has done, keep the goods and / or materials owned by e-coatings.   The customer is not entitled to the goods or materials referred to in the preceding sentence to third parties to assist or provide collateral, or to borrow from the places where they were delivered to (do) remove, until the entire purchase price and possibly thereby eligible costs in full.  Should the buyer any obligation under the agreement fails, we notice right after the above goods to take back, in which case the agreement is dissolved without judicial intervention, notwithstanding the right of us to recover costs, damages and interest.
1.      We are in the implementation of the agreement never to pay any compensation to the customer account other than expressly provided in these terms.
2.    We are not liable for any indirect, consequential and / or personal injury unless the damage caused by intent or gross negligence of the directors or managers of e-coating.
3.  We are never liable for damage caused by or resulting from an error in the production process. . This damage must be claimed from the manufacturer.
* With us / we means the management of e-coating.