Because what we do is new and unknown, many companies have questions.

On this page we will try as best as possible.

Is there not your question? Send an email to: info@e-coatings.nl .


Question: Why online painting sell?

Answer: Because we believe that what the size of your company may be, you still should be able to conveniently buy.


 Q: Where does it come from?

Answer: We buy from companies that are very close to the source , most of it comes from Germany, some just from the Netherlands.


Question: Is what I order what I really use now?

Answer: Yes!   If it were not so, E-Coatings would not longer exist, or we would have a huge claim from expl. BASF or DuPont.

As you know, there are productscodes on the cans in order to find out which batch it is, and when it is made.  This way , you can check it is all genuine


Question : There are rumors that the products are different or intended for foreign markets. Is that correct?

Answer: Of course these rumors we had been expecting, and the answer is resounding: No!, Not true. All the products we offer are absolutely no different than what we know.  It is EXACTLY the same as what is delivered here in the Netherlands.  Only without multiple intermediaries.


 Question: Who said that if I order something, i will get it?

 Answer: You need not worry that you will not receive, because you will be invoiced aftherworths ,not received means nothing to pay !


Question: Will everything be transported as it should ?

Answer: YES! We have agreements with all our carrier transported according to statutory regulations.